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The Revelation of Jesus Christ
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The Revelation
Jesus Christ

The Apostle John was an elderly man when this book was written.  More than fifty years had passed since the death and resurrection of Jesus and all the other original apostles had gone to be with the Lord.  His enemies tried to kill John, but did not succeed, and he was then exiled to the Isle of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea. 

He had been told to be a witness of Jesus Christ "to the remotest part of the earth" and now he was trapped on a barren rock where he could only tell a few.  But life and ministry are never over until God says it is.  John would leave Patmos and return to active ministry.  Now it was time for something even more important to happen.

Jesus Christ appeared to the Apostle John and told him to "write in a book what you see" (Revelation 1:11). John didn't write immediately, for he fainted and fell down (Revelation 1:17).  But he recovered when the Lord told him, "Do not be afraid" and then wrote what you will read in this book, which was written in A. D. 90 or before.


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