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For Pastoral counsel, pre-marital counsel, weddings, baptisms & memorials services, bereavement support and for speaking engagements, etc., please contact Pastor Ron Beckham at
or call
Friday Study Ministries, The First Church On The Internet
Headquarters in California, USA -or



This website is dedicated to all who are in treatment for, recovering from or affected by breast cancer and to the angels who care for them

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 Your ALT-Text here New Hope Grief Support Community
offers grief support seminars, family support groups, kids camps and trains group facilitators for grief support ministry.  Grief Support Handbooks for adults and children are available. For more information & resources contact:
New Hope Grief Support Community
PO Box 8057, Long Beach, CA  90808 / 562-429-0075



Zarephath Ministries

It is our passion and desire that pastors and wives come to Zarephath Ministries and meet with God and rediscover that He is the never ending supply of nourishment and renewal through a five day retreat at no cost to the pastoral couple.


Renée Bondi

One of our Music Ministry partners is an inspirational singer & speaker,who travels throughout the United States, sharing her amazing story and music at Christian conferences, church events and youth rallies.

 Through a freak accident causing paralysis, God has strengthened Renee's faith, transformed her life and  uses her testimony and recordings to bring hope and encouragement to all ages!  To order Renée's music, visit:


Walk into Joy through Walk To Emmaus
The 3-day Walk to Emmaus is a "short course" in Christianity, intended to equip you for Christian service and to bring you into the joy of the Lord.  These weekends are based on Scripture and full of God's love.  Separate men's and women's walks each year are organized and hosted internationally.  Interested?

Visit and find your local community
and visit for more info.


Calvary Chapel East Mesa
Pastor Charley Johnson
2229 W. Broadway Ave., Apache Junction, AZ  85220
Telephone: (480) 373-6843
Pastor Charley is a dear friend of Pastor Ron Beckham
and a ministry partner of Friday Study Ministries.


Focus on the Family
(800) A-FAMILY (232-6459)


Overcomers Outreach
P.O. Box 2208
Oakhurst, CA 93644
(800) 310-3001


Alcoholics Victorious


Alcoholics Anonymous



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