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This  is a word from Pastor Timothy Burdick, Minister of Abilities for Friday Study Ministries:

Bloopers, Blogs and Barricades

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8)

Words are interesting because to a large extent they shape our lives. When I was growing up back in the "dark ages" of some years ago, our lives were molded somewhat by the word, "blooper." This term that was so popular for a time in the past was a word picture describing a casual attitude when it came to mistakes.

But I wonder if we donít have this same kind of casual attitude toward what God has done. Ask yourself, ďHow do I view what God did for me on the cross?Ē How does being His child make a difference in my life? Rather than being a person without purpose, His cross should transform us into persons of victory. For even if you are going through hard times today, you can be a winner. God wants me to tell you that He is closer than your next breath. He wants you through obedience to build on what He has done, letting it connect with your present reality. Will you look to Him through prayer and the Word, allowing Him to work in your life?

Have you ever thought of the Bible as Godís "blog" to you? God wants to tell you through this "blog" just how much He loves you. Let me tell you: I have gone through many hard times, but His Word has given me new strength when my strength failed. So I would encourage you to read Godís blog, His Bible, not out of duty, but look at it with new eyes and see what He has for you today. Memorizing His promises will also shape your tomorrows, bringing new hope to your life in the midst of despair.

Many times, however, instead of cooperating with God, we barricade ourselves off from His work in our lives. What I mean is that things like hatred, unforgiveness and disobedience can limit what He would like to do in building us up. Such negative actions and emotions may have gained a strong footing in our past, damaging our present reality and our future.

Finally, Learn to adore God and let His Holy Spirit conform you more and more into His image, helping you dispose of negative baggage, like I referred to above. Then your past will strengthen you through present difficulties as you see what God has done, and will do it in the here and now. With this knowledge, instead of just looking at the dark days ahead, you can know that God is in control. You can also know that with Him, all things are possible and that you can walk into the future with new confidence.

Meditate on Hebrews 13:8 which says, ďJesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.Ē This verse not only speaks about Godís faithfulness in contrast to our casualness which I spoke about above, but it also lets us know that while times and situations change, God never will. He sees you as a special person who He has entrusted with gifts. But having said all of the above, He is asking you one question: ďWhat will your response to Me be

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